A glimpse of the first 30km distance from the 50km race route before the race upwards to the Nakawan summit.

Starting early in the morning, the route will be with a full view of a misty morning as the sun rising up basking the Nakawan range with the ray for the day.

It is a sight to behold.


Nakawan Range is the longest continuous limestone hill in Malaysia. The range is part of the Setul Formation and runs along Perlis’ half of the Malaysia-Thailand Border for approximately 36 km. Part of the range is gazetted as Perlis State Park. The Nakawan Range, forms a natural border with Thailand’s Thale Ban National Park on the other side, making it a regional transboundary conservation area.

The NAKAWAN ULTRA first edition will run on top and alongside the range. With the challenging terrain and ever-changing climate, runners will experience the wonderful and mesmerizing view of Perlis National Park while making the mark of a trailblazer.

Nakawan Ultra
view from the Nakawan


The Thrill of Northern Trails

For the first time, trail runners will be experiencing the wonderful and mesmerizing view of the limestone formation on the Nakawan range. Situated in the Perlis National Park, runners will experience different route grounds from flat gravel and tarmac of fruit orchard, the narrow and challenging paddy fields grounds and the climb up on limestone hill.

Nakawan Ultra is not all about running. It will be a discovery of the enchanted and wonderful Perlis. We will be providing all the assistance needed to make participants experience be the ‘run-cation’ they well deserved.

The race categories cater for all. On top of the regular categories, for the first time we will be introducing the SUPERB SENIOR CATEGORY for those age 50 years and above. Giving the recognition they deserved in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. To promote trail running from young age, a special JUNIOR CATEGORY is also introduced to groom more youngsters to enjoy the sport and outdoor lifestyle.

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Scheduled during the school holidays, it will be the perfect time to enjoy running while vacationing Nakawan Ultra offers everything for runners and their family and friends to discover Asia’s best kept secret.

Perlis is a hidden gem with plenty to offer to visitors. A small state but every step will be a new discovery. The state National Park itself offers endless discoveries. Within the race village complex, visitors can find the Perlis Rimba Herba, Nakawan Base Camp, grape vineyard, snake farms and a host of lots more.

Situated at the foot of Nakawan range, is a mesmerizing view of vast green paddy fields and local villages. Foodies will find Perlis a gem of discoveries. Reasonably price with great taste, it is available at basically every corner and all day long.

Arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday won’t be enough to discover Perlis but will be sufficient to know Perlis. Nakawan Ultra will provide all the information and guidance for the run-cation the runners well deserved.


Nakawan Ultra is not all about running the trails.

Complete the distance and NAKAWAN FEAST FIESTA will be awaiting you. A spread of local food and delicacies prepared by the locals at the event village.

For the deserving 50km ultra runners, the NAKAWAN JUNGLE FEST DINNER awaits you in the evening. A get-together music and feast gathering honoring the year long quest to be an ultra-runner.

Looking for lodging?

Why not camp with us at the designated NAKAWAN ULTRA CAMP SITE.

Let’s the spirit of running camaraderie began even before the flag-off. 50km Ultra runners will be provided with free camp site besides the race village.

INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED at our official Facebook Nakawan ULTRA and Instagram nakawan_ultra