Scheduled during the school holidays, it will be the perfect time to enjoy running while vacationing Nakawan Ultra offers everything for runners and their family and friends to discover Asia’s best kept secret.

Perlis is a hidden gem with plenty to offer to visitors. A small state but every step will be a new discovery. The state National Park itself offers endless discoveries. Within the race village complex, visitors can find the Perlis Rimba Herba, Nakawan Base Camp, grape vineyard, snake farms and a host of lots more.

Situated at the foot of Nakawan range, is a mesmerizing view of vast green paddy fields and local villages. Foodies will find Perlis a gem of discoveries. Reasonably price with great taste, it is available at basically every corner and all day long.

Arriving on Friday and leaving on Sunday won’t be enough to discover Perlis but will be sufficient to know Perlis. Nakawan Ultra will provide all the information and guidance for the run-cation the runners well deserved.

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